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June Open Day 2012

Children Helping Children June Open Day 2012



My highlight of the day was giving the money to the Sunshine Home with Rachel. By Cathy

I loved finding out the total from our business.    By Caoimhe

My highlight was shaking Ali Hewson’s hand.    By Charlotte

I really enjoyed the face painting.     By Hannah

My highlight of the day was putting the bracelet on Ali Hewson.         By Erica

I loved trying to sell the 120 choc ices that we got sponsored.    By Rachel

My highlight of the day was donating the cheque to Debra Ireland.        By Holly                                                                                                                                      

I loved Friday, 1st June, because Ali Hewson, Bono’s wife, came in and

signed two of my dads U2 CDs for auction.      By Mollie

My highlight of the day was seeing the huge line at our stall.         By Alysia

I liked when Ali Hewson had a go at our golf game. By Jessica

My highlight was the whole day raising €1781.09 and we are so happy. By Rebecca

I enjoyed serving cupcakes to the pupils and teachers of the school. By Olivia

I loved meeting and serving Ali Hewson.    By Emily

My favourite part was helping our customers to choose. By Imogen

I loved being interviewed about Ali Hewson signing the CDs.      By Aisling

I enjoyed going to the different stalls.   By Michelle

My favourite part was seeing people have smiles on their faces leaving.  By Heather

I loved when Ali Hewson entered our competition at “Get Juicy”.   By Ellen.

I loved being in the thick of the selling and taking all the orders.  By Michelle D

My favourite part of the CHC was when we met Ali Hewson.   By Niamh

I was interviewed by a woman from a newspaper.  By Sasha

I liked when Ali Hewson played our guessing game.  By Isobel

The Luck of the Irish


                                The Luck of the Irish




We have updated our business plans and have got more sponsors for our big day. It has been busy but fun preparation.

By Charlotte.

We have finished wrapping our first collection of prizes. It has been hard work but worth it as we are learning and

working for many good causes. By Alysia

I'm looking forward to getting more prizes, doing the final preparations and the buzz of selling on our

Children Helping Children Exhbition Day on Friday, 1st June from 9am. See you there! By Heather.


M.A.M.'s Pizza Place


                      M.A.M.'s Pizza Place


On the 3rd of May, 2012, Sylvia Katete Gavigan visited P5 on behalf of C.E.D.F. This stands for

Children's Educational Development Fund and Sylvia is its founder.

We presented Sylvia with €500 from our first selling day in March.

The money will be used to plant crops &, provide school lunches.

At the moment, there are 80 pupils in a class and more than two to each desk.

Sylvia showed us a slide show of the clinic/hospital, school & classrooms and the crops they grow.

We are very proud to be helping less fortunate children.

By Michelle D., Aisling & Mollie.

Market Research 12

Giddy Golf




My favourite part of the market research was finding out what customers thought about us. By Niamh

A person said” We should have teddies for prizes”. By Jessica

The customers were delighted with our game and kept on coming to our business.  By Holly

26th April, 2012

March Open Day



Brain Freeze

Children Helping Children Open Day was so fun. We raised over €1000. It has been a great experience.  By Rachel

It was really hard work but it was all worth it in the end. I can’t wait until our next selling day. By Cathy.

My favourite part was when we helped the younger girls with what they wanted. I also liked taking orders and  

seeing  everyone enjoy ice cream .... and my extreme favourite part was when my mom came.   By Tyler.

Wednesday, 14th March, 2012.

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News Flash

March Open Morning 13

Business World 2013


  1. Rockin' Ring Toss- a game of skill or chance.

            By:  Orlaith, Molly and Jeewon.

            Motto: "Roll on down to Rockin' Ring Toss"

           Sponsored by: Coldwell Bankers, Dundrum Dental,


       2. Cakelicious- a business of cakes.


            By:  Sarah, Lucy and Hannah.

            Motto: "Cakes are what our business makes"

            Sponsored by: The Corner Bakery, Supervalu, Talbot Street, Brambles, Dundrum.


        3. Sugar Shock- chocolate and drinks stall.


            By: Sarah, Eva and Rachael.

             Motto: "Feel the Fizz"

            Sponsored by: Supervalu, Killester, Mortons, Aunty Nellies's Sweets,


         4. Dip, Dip, Lucky Dip- lucky dip game of chance.


              By: Georgia, Kate and Alannah.

              Motto: "Close your eyes and pick a prize".

              Sponsored by: Hamleys, Smyths, Woodies DIY, Howards, McElearneys, Easons, Nimble Fingers,

              Art & Hobby, Home Focus, Build a Bear, Trimbles,


         5. Pitch n' Putt


              By: Zara, Tanya and Anna-Mei.

              Motto: "You're gonna want another go".

              Sponsored by: Chadha Oriental Foods, Securispeed Limited, Workspace Interiors,

              Cyclone Couriers and BJJU Deve Components.


          6. Glitz n' Glam


         By: Haille, Abby and Rachel.

         Motto: "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend".

             Sponsored by: 4FM, Nova, River Medical, Stickcons and Sunshine FM.


           7. Ice Cream

         By: Grace, Sunny and Sophia.

             Motto: Icicle Ice Cream; the nicest treat in town".

             Sponsored by: Smith & Williamson and Tesco.


            8. Pizza n' Prizes


         By: Niesha, Anna and Caoimhe.

         Motto: Pizza n' Prizes; we've got a range of prizes".

             Sponsored by: Macari 66.




A big well done and thanks to everyone who has taken part in the business project over the years.