How to Help

How YOU can Help!

Get your school or locality involved in a similar project- we can help you!.

Our micro businesses can be sponsored with appropriate produce/prizes or a small amount of money to buy produce/prizes.

Please make these cheques payable, if necessary, to Children Helping Children.

You can also support us by using your own initiative/skills to raise funds for, or donate to one of our nominated children's groups for this year. The money raised should be given directly to the charity/group but we will still mention your generosity on our site. Please forward a photo and any related information.

You can also donate prizes for our big raffle in aid of Anam Cara by contacting us.

We are not a charity so please don't send us a donation





News Flash

Children Helping Children March Open Day

Well done to the girls and Mrs. Gimisiriza on a 

fantastic Open Day in March.

The girls worked very hard and raised

over €2000. 



A big well done and thanks to everyone who has taken part in the business project over the years.